You Can’t See Me Mom, January 11 Daily Reflection


“You can’t see me MOM!” Jake said as he pulled his hat down over his eyes.

“Yes, I can Jake. You just can’t see me.”

There is nothing in the world like seeing from the eyes of a child. Things are crisper, easier and more clear cut. Of course the perspective held by a child comes through that child’s limited vision. They are egotistical and I don’t mean that in a negative way at all. Their world as they know it exists only from their point of view. They have little to no concept of empathy. They grow into understanding the plight and the needs of others. That’s not to say they are not sympathetic and loving towards others when someone gets hurt or is sad. On the contrary, they usually are the first ones to help console and give kind hugs and sweet kisses. But like Jake in the picture he thinks because he can’t see me I can’t see him.

As adults we are so far removed from the simplistic, innocent mind of a child. Many times we punish them thinking they should understand what they have done in different circumstances and we forget they are children, they don’t understand like we do. As a stay at home mom and a babysitter I constantly have to remind myself they are children, they don’t get that yet. I am the one who should be teaching those ideas and lessons with patience and kindness. I am the one who is not suppose to have expectations of a grown up. I screw this up daily! As do other moms I know.

Today, think of the expectations you put on your children daily. Are those expectations age appropriate? As moms and people who take care of children we must constantly question the expectations we place upon our children. Next time you get upset that your child is acting “like a 2 year old” remember the picture of Jake, he can only see out of his eyes and not ours, yet.

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