Wrapped in a bow, December 19, 2011 Daily Reflection

The Big Red Bow

What have you wrapped up in a bow for Christmas this year? No doubt you have wrapped up the gifts for your children, family and friends this year.  You may have even wrapped up gifts for the angel tree or some type of charity. What does God want you to wrap up in a bow for Him this Christmas? What will you give to God in exchange for the best gift ever given to human kind; the gift of Jesus Christ.

I believe all that God wants for Christmas is you. You with your heart open wide to give unconditional love to others. You with your arms open wide ready to take others in. You with your words, actions and life ready to give the love that God so freely gave that Christmas Eve and share it with the rest of the world. This Christmas wrap your heart, your soul and your life up in a big red bow and give it to God by giving of yourself to all of humankind.


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