Work Place Tornado, May 21, 2013 Daily Reflection

Work Place Tornado, May 21, 2013 Daily Reflection 1

Tornado Ride

The tornado was a ride at our Church Picnic this weekend. Four people got on together and started spinning a steering wheel in the middle. Then the ride started spinning the entire contraption over which the riders had no control. They could only control one aspect of the ride and then they were swept up by the tornado and swung at a top speed.

Does your workplace ever feel like the tornado ride? You collaborate and try to work together as a team. Your team controls the speed of the project. Then after your project has been presented the tornado of the company either sweeps up what you and your team has worked on and spits it out or spins it out of your control?

In so many ways our work environments are like tornadoes except you can’t always hear the warning before it starts spinning and you are pulled straight into the momentum of the ride. No, we can’t control the entire work atmosphere but we can have an effect on our little part of the ride. We can choose to work as a productive part of a team. We can choose to be positive and give our ideas and try to do what is best for the mission of the company. We can slow down the spinning on our ride and try to feel calm and not out of control.  Then when the tornado picks us up we will at least feel that we have done our best and given it our all.

Today, try from your seat to steer your team in a positive direction. If the tornado picks you up brace yourself; the ride always comes to a stop at some point.

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