Wisdom, May 22, 2016 Sunday Tidbit

The Movement of the spirit

The Movement of the spirit

Thus says the wisdom of God: ‘The Lord possessed me, the beginning of his ways,

the forerunner of his prodigies of long ago, from of old I was poured forth,

at the first, before the earth.”

– Proverbs 8:22

It amazes me that the Bible (the root word “biblica” meaning books), has so many different types of books within it. One can find history, romance, action, glory, life lessons, and even poetry. This poetry illustrates that wisdom was there in the beginning, before creation took place. I feel blessed to believe in a Trinitarian God, the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Each part has a distinctive role to play in our existence and eternity.

Today, pray to your Father, your savior the Son, and to the Holy Spirit filled with wisdom who has been sent to be with you. 

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