Wisdom, August 25 Daily Reflection

“Wisdom is that elusive attribute that enables us to see beyond the surface of things into their depths, to see as God sees, and therefore to see God.”

– Liturgy Training Publications, Inc. Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers edited by Aelred Rosser

Waterfall at the Louisville Zoo

Waterfall at the Louisville Zoo

Last week my sister and I took all the kids we babysit to the zoo, one of our final field trips of the summer.  The kids saw this waterfall and my daughter insisted that I take a picture of it to use for my blog.  Instead of just enjoying the beauty of it she thought I would be able to read more into it.  She reads my blogs so she knows what triggers my thoughts. 

Last week I also finished my lector training so now I can “proclaim the Word of God” during Mass.  I really enjoyed the training classes.  I really loved being up at the ambo ( the podium in the Catholic Church that the lector or priest proclaims the word of the Lord from) and feeling God speak through me as I used  the words inspired by Him in the bible.  I read from the book of wisdom.  There is much more preparation than one would think in being a lector.  You have to pray about the scripture, prepare by reading supplementary information about that scripture, practice out loud at home and then proclaim it in front of the Church.  Well when I was preparing I read many different articles about the scripture I was to proclaim.  One of the supplementary articles had the quote I used above in this blog and one sentence really has stuck with me ” to see as God sees and therefore to see God”.  It intrigues me!  It makes me want to scratch the surface on everything and every situation.  I want to know the vision of God, how He sees us in this world.  How he looks at us as all equal to each other, as all deserving of His love and many gifts.  How He is able to forgive our wrong doings.  I wonder if He watches our horrible choices and shakes His head in disbelief, knowing He will not change it because although He can do anything He has given us freewill!  I wonder if He looks at us and doesn’t even see our faces or our human bodies but only sees within our souls and knows only our deepest feelings that makes each of us individuals. 

I have given this idea  much thought lately. How can we see as God sees?  How can we put aside all the junk that holds us back from appreciating and loving all of His creation?  Is it even possible in our limited minds and bodies for us to do that?  We are not suppose to judge, but judgement holds us back from loving others on a daily basis.  When we judge the way another person looks, how he/she dresses, how he/she speaks.  I bet God doesn’t even see any of that earthly stuff.  I bet God just sees our innermost thoughts, desires, beliefs and actions.  So how do we as humans go there?

I guess the way to start is as Moms.  How we teach our children to relate to others.  If we teach our children not to judge others and to love without boundaries.  How in this world of corrupt people can we do that?  Our children have to be on their guard from the evil in this world of people who wish to do them harm.  In everyday life maybe we could be more conscious of our reactions to different situations.  When we are driving the car and get frustrated by another driver, who in our opinion should not be allowed to have a license, instead of yelling names and saying rude things we could either say nothing and let it go or make the comment that you hope they will not get hurt while driving that way.  Instead of ever describing people in derogatory ways to your spouse in front of your children, not using descriptions of people that are not favorable.  Maybe we should realize that everyone has bad days and if we have encountered someone who has been rude or unkind we should try to remember we have bad days also and let it go.

We teach our children through every action they witness.  We are human so they are not going to see divinity through the majority of what we do.  However God is working through us to teach our children how to see Him.  If we get our human attitudes out of the way and truly listen to what we know deep down is the right thing to see and do He will be able to work more easily through us.  If we can point out the beauty in the creation of the waterfall and flowers in the picture  above instead of the bees and misquitos that are swarming about the flowers they will be able to scratch the surface and see a little bit more of God.

So today when you are ready to just vent all the venom of your day with others, about the people you think are idiots and situations at work that are intolerable stop yourself for a moment.  Take a breath, reflect on the situation or person, try just for a bit to see it from the other point of view.  Then say a prayer for the people involved and for yourself to be more understanding.  Of course we all have to vent and get things out but after a few minutes of meditation on it you will most likely not be as judgemental and human about the situation your about to let your children and spouse hear all about.  Our children take it all in, so when ever possible just try

“To see as God sees, and therefore to see God.”

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