Windshield Wipers, December 29 Daily Reflection

The Bridge in the rain

Driving into a storm onto a bridge the wipers squeaked across the spray of the windshield to open the vision for the driver. As the wipers went down the rain splattered the windshield and impaired the sight of tail lights ahead and traffic in the distance. The wipers on a delayed setting once more cleared the vision and the driver was able to see what was once obstructed by the rain.

We cross many different bridges in our lives; from  childhood to adulthood, from dependent upon people to independent and self reliant, from selfish to self less ways, from thoughtlessness to unconditional love for others. On all those journeys the rain pounds upon our minds, into our souls and obstructs the future of the good path.  It is a given the rains will always come at some point. What do we use in our everyday lives to combat the rain, to clear our vision and see what lies ahead where we need to go?

The wipers of our lives aid or hinder our life’s plan. If the wipers are good they clear the rain, if they are falling apart they only smear the rain and cause us more obstruction. What are the wipers in our lives? Do our spouses make the road ahead crystal clear or are they hindering our growth? Do our children with their innocent insight make the rain fade from our windshields? Have we considered using the Bible as a wiper, a compass or a guide to find the path chosen just for us in this lifetime? Have we found a community of faith believers that together move that rain out of our way so that we may find our purpose?

Are we constantly throwing more obstructions at the windshield from our tires? Do we let our human desires of material things and cultural pleasures smear the view we should be trying to find? Do things get in the way and block us from crossing our bridges?

Today take some time to consider what bridge you are crossing right now. Now think about what you are doing to hinder that stage of growth. Who or what do you consider to be the wipers that wipe that windshield clean guiding you through the storm to the path you must lead in this life? Tell them thank you and keep on keeping on right through that rain to get to the other side.

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