Who is the leader? October 5 Daily Reflection

A line of children

“Line up, get in order and follow the leader. Come on now get in a straight line guys. Who is the leader?” Sound familiar, we hear it as kids from the teachers to the coaches.

The question to explore isn’t so much “am I in line behind the leader, as much as who is the leader I want to follow?

Think about our lives as adults who do we follow? What qualities do we look for in a leader? What or who leads you in your life?

As children we are told to follow the leader, we are disciplined if we don’t follow the coach. However, as adults we have free will to follow those people we respect, those who show us mutual respect, those who hold our values and lead by example and not force. 

I want to follow a leader who leads me to a place of growth and value. I want to follow someone who is kind, giving, generous and selfless. I have greater aspirations than a bigger paycheck, a nicer house and fancy clothes. My goal is to follow the one who loves me without condition regardless of my fortune or my plight but one who will show me the way to conversion of my heart and soul. I follow one who was homeless, despised by those who did not understand, loved by the lowly, one who can lead my soul to the ultimate goal eternal life.

Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit are my leaders. Who are yours?

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