Which works best? May 8, 2018 Daily Reflection

Two women on a nature walk

There is a story about an argument between the sun and the wind, as to who is more powerful. To test their power they had a contest. A man was wearing a jacket walking down a street. Whoever had the power to influence the man to take off his jacket would be the winner. The wind went first. He blew and blew, harder and faster. This only made the man clutch his jacket even tighter. With disappointment but still hope that the sun could do no better he gave the sun her turn. The sun shine gently down upon the man. The man perceived the heat and rays, feeling warm he removed his jacket and continued with a smile.

The morale of the story is people will respond in kind to kindness and resist harshness. Gently, and with kindness shine upon your soul. Do not beat and berate it with force and anger, it can do nothing but defend and hide. With gentle care it can open, flourish and expand. Start by being kind to yourself and it will be easier to be kind to others.

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