Where do you go? February 13, Saturday Tidbit

Sunset near the Ohio River

In what do you find peace? Where do you go that brings you solace?  Whose arms provide comfort and contentment?  Do you find peace in the soft amber hues of an autumn sunset? Do you go for a walk in the park to find comfort?  Is it your spouse, your best friend, your parent, your sibling or your child’s arms who hold you tenderly that provides contentment?

Everyone’s place and person is very different but they all come back to the presence of God’s love in His gifts of grace. God paints the colors of the sunset every evening. God gives beauty to a still pond in a nearby park. God gives unconditional love to those who embrace you so that you might feel His arms holding you in that feeling of the softest and, safest place to fall. Unaware that we all go to Him searching out peace we find God there. God is present within your peace, contentment and pure love of every place and person you look to find it.

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