When God Walked The Earth, March 21, 2013 Daily Reflection

Footprints on the beach

When God walked this earth, as fully man and fully human, Jesus Christ, he was homeless. He ate with the tax collectors and prostitutes. The royal, regal king of kings called out the hypocrites of the time. He kissed the lepers clean, walked among the outcast and forgave the adulteress. Jesus Christ was a paradox. His parables upset the culture. He challenged authority and questioned the wealthy and affluent. Jesus Christ transformed the universe. We are now in a time that needs the transformation of Jesus Christ.

My prayer is that this simple Jesuit priest now Pope can flip our culture upside down, clean out the Church where the men of God are abusive and disrespectful to the church and its people, and embrace the outcast of our lives. He is Peter whom Christ gave the keys of the Church. May the temptations of power be denied by him. May he be the Pope that brings our Church back to the roots of Jesus Christ and His mission of peace, compassion, goodness, forgiveness, simplicity and unconditional love.

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