When do you feel closest to God? February 21, 2012 Daily Reflection


These are the times when I feel closest to God:

  • When I pray with my children each night


  • In the silence of my empty church


  • In the kitchen when the window is open and I can hear my children playing tag


  • On my walk home from dropping the kids off to school before the busyness begins


  • ┬áIn the night as I drift off to sleep in open prayer


  • Every time I give a talk or lead a retreat


  • While sitting at my computer writing thoughts that were not mine but seem to be inspired by God


  • Every time I hear my children laughing and giggling together


  • Every time my husband says “I’m crazy about you”


  • Each time my husband says my name


  • In the hugs and squeezes from my children


  • When my littlest one doesn’t want to let go of my hand


  • In the smile of my dad, husband, friends or children


  • During every sunrise and sunset I have ever seen


  • Every time I have been by the ocean


  • When the geese fly over my house each morning


  • When I get to take a break and sit in a comfy cozy chair


  • In the wind
  • In the beauty of all of nature especially the flowers, the sun and the sky

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