What story would they write? November 9 Daily Reflection

Jake at the typewriter

If our children could write a story of their lives right this instant would it be a drama, comedy, thriller or a family movie?

As parents we are constantly trying to do the right thing but let’s face it half the time we are just winging it doing the best we can with what we have in the here in now. When we brought that baby home from the hospital and the realization set it in that we were in charge the weight of the future hit us all in different ways. As parents we don’t dwell on that reality daily if we did we would not be able to live our lives in a relaxed fashion. Yes, we can read the parenting books, magazines and blogs and they are great for getting us through the tough times but ultimately we have to do what we think is right in the moment.  Often times that is not an easy choice in hindsight many times we would change the words we used at the times of high intensity.

Today, reflect on your parenting role and each of your children. Are you doing the best you can right now? Are you giving your child your time, encouragement, support and love daily? Are you hugging more than you are scolding or are they taking advantage of your good nature? Are your children spoiled rotten or appreciative of what you give them? We often rush through life and our children are raised in the rush of the day to day. Let’s slow down and evaluate for a moment not from our adult, mature state of mind but from our children’s point of view. Would they write a drama, is their life surrounded by constant change, extreme ups and downs from the relationships they see play out around them? Would they write a comedy, are your children happy, laughing and having fun with life and their parents? Would they write a thriller are they in constant fear of adults because of abuse, alcoholism or addictions? Would your child write a family movie that has a little bit of everything but by the end it is all solved and balanced?

What would you like your child to write today?

Think about it and if you’re serious you can make it happen. Our children have little to no control we help to shape their attitudes, behavior, ideas and lives. It is imperative that we reflect on that thought from time to time and change the course of their future for the better through our influence.  So that we can give them the best tools to write the best story possible, not perfect but just right for them.

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