What sound do you make? August 25, 2011 Daily Reflection

Jake and the accordion

What sound do you make in the world?

Is it soft and sweet, like a piano? Is it loud and obnoxious like an accordion? Is it barely audible like a quiet flute or is it noticed by all like a tuba?

What sound would you like to make? What impression do you want to leave in the ears of the people around you? Do you want to be a song or white noise that never turns off? Do you want to have meaning and depth to the melody of your life, or just a simple rhythm, nothing too fancy but catchy?

The choice is ours and we choose daily the sounds we will leave behind. We talk kindly about others or we rant and rave about those we can’t stand. We whisper secrets and gossip loudly or we pray quietly and compliment publicly. Our mouths reveal our sounds to others. As much as we want to say “I couldn’t help it, I had to tell the truth about her”, the real truth is we have self control and we should learn to utilize it. Choose the sounds you want to hear from others and make those choices for yourself.

Your music, your sound, your voice can change the world one person at a time. What sound do you choose to make in the world this day, in this place at this time?

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