What?! October 26, 2012 Daily Reflection

Halloween Display with Christmas Display directly behind it.


It’s true this is a display at my local Walgreens. Do you see the Halloween spooky decorations? Can you see the snowmen and Santa’s directly behind them? Why oh, why does this happen in the United States? I know one answer: PROFITS! The stores and companies have one thing in mind turning a profit. We can all understand this concept because our economy is in sad shape. But really before Halloween is over must the Christmas stuff come out?

I was discussing with my husband the other day why so many people enjoy decorating their houses with Halloween stuff. We came to the conclusion that people are not in love with the dark side they just like to celebrate and decorate. I think that is why we are marketed like we are in our modern society. The other day on the radio the DJ said he read a study that concluded moms are the reason for the Christmas music starting earlier and earlier each year. Moms love Christmas. We love to decorate, to purchase gifts and to have our family around us. It makes sense right?

The problem I see with this marketing mentality is that we as consumers are slighted. We can’t seem to just concentrate on one holiday at a time. They jump from Halloween straight into Christmas but whatever happened to Thanksgiving? Well, there is not much to market for Thanksgiving just food. As consumers we make the choice. If we choose to purchase the “Christmas stuff” early then they will market it early. If we don’t buy it they will stop. In the long run it doesn’t change a thing to like it or not. It just gives us something to talk about other than politics and right now that is a very welcome change!

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