What Ignites your fire? August 2, 2018 Daily Reflection

Our Camp Fire

We were each created with unique gifts, talents, and passions. No two of us have the same fingerprint, dreams, experiences, or ideas. Everyone of us is original. There are different experiences that ignite our fire and provides a burning desire within our souls. Think about experiences you have had that seem transcendent, filled with a natural flow of your soul. Writing, creating retreats, and leading meditations ignite my fire. These are experiences where I have felt something within my soul shift, a creation flow through me, an energy be released from me. It is an amazing experience when you allow yourself to be the instrument that God can work through.

When have you experienced a creative flow, a feeling that you were one with others or nature, a time when you felt that God was working through your actions, or speaking through your words? We need to explore and find those times. If you haven’t had any you need to take time out of life and allow yourself the space to experience life. Our souls beat with the life of God, they are meant to live an abundant life filled with creativity, connectivity, passion, and love. Today, consider what ignites your fire within your soul and allow yourself the time to enter that space more often. It’s what we were created to do in this life.

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