What are you looking at? October 7 Daily Reflection

Jake watching the game

Jake is watching the game from the high seats of the stadium with someone’s binoculars so that he can see the game more clearly and up close. What do you watch in your life as intently as Jake is watching the game? What calls your attention daily?

This life has so many options to offer our eyes. So many ideas and visions beg for our attention but what is it in this life that gets your attention?

 Is it the game, all of the sporting events? Are you an ESPN junkie on the weekends? Is it the rush you feel from trying new adventures outdoors like white water rafting, camping, hiking or running in races? Are you drawn to those in need? Do you volunteer your time at soup kitchens, our building homes for others, collecting canned goods or doing charitable work? Do your children get your attention with their cute little smiles, curious questions and the best bear hugs ever? Does your spouse have your attention when he helps you around the house and takes you out on a date night? Does your work take all of your attention and little is left for all the pleasures of this world?

Today, take a moment to pause and reflect what are you looking at through those binoculars? What has your attention?

 What would you like to have your attention? You know you can change the view by looking in a different direction! You have the free will to do it. So today decide if what you are focused so intently on is what you want to be focused on or if you would like a different view.

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