We Wither, October 24, 2011 Daily Reflection

The flower

Oh, how quickly do we wither and fade away in this life? As little children we have the future ahead of us, unlimited and full of promise. As we age we find that we live for others our careers, our spouse, our children, and our families; we begin to lose our brilliant color. Then we hit that age when it all changes once more the children are grown, we retire and we start to lose a petal here or there and the reflection we once saw in the mirror has shifted a bit. It seems sudden but it was quite the progression, our life journey. Then even if it is at age 95 it seems unbelievable that we may soon wilt and hopefully cross that threshold into eternity.  When once we blossomed and bloomed, gave brilliance and life to others, now we face the end of this life. Hold tight to your faith, God and your memories for what was once promises of your future has now become your past. One day it will be done but never forget what an amazing life you have lived, if you have loved at all you have lived. When the last petal falls remember that soon you will be in the loving embrace of God and nothing but bliss and joy will fill your soul. You will blossom bloom and receive a brilliance no one can imagine.

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