We Want To Know, January 9, 2013 Daily Reflection


Spencer reading the magic orb

It seems that we always want to know. We want to know what the weather will be tomorrow, what we have planned for next week, what will happen at work, school or in our families. We want to know the future.

Why is it that we have this need to know? Is it because we are curious? Maybe it’s because we like to be in control at all times even of our future. Maybe it’s not about control. Maybe it’s about security, comfort and just knowing everything will turn out ok. Honestly we don’t need perfection we just need to know that whatever comes our direction we will be able to handle it.

That is what faith and trust in God gives each one of us who truly believes. It gives us security, comfort and belief that regardless of the future God’s love will get us through it all.

I want to know…that God has me in the palm of His hand…with that knowledge I know I can face anything that life throws at me. With the love of God I will survive in the face of adversity. But that doesn’t mean I want adversity. I like my quiet, calm life and I pray that God let’s it remain ordinary, uneventful and calm. However, regardless of the circumstances calm or crazy I have faith that God will be with me through everything.


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