We Walk By Faith, November 7, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Fog in my neighbor’s backyard

So many times in life we feel as though we are walking in a fog; the mist covers what we recognize and makes it foreign to our sight. Yet, we continue to walk; sometimes bumping into familiar things, other times stepping over unfamiliar areas in our lives. No matter how treacherous the fog may seem we do not sit still and reflect on it instead we move straight through it with faith that we will make it to the other side.

“We walk by faith and not by sight” – that’s how the saying goes. We do walk by faith through our lives sometimes we can catch a glimpse of the object and scarcely make it out. Other times we have no idea but we still walk towards it. It would be so much easier if God would just reveal himself to us like he did to Moses, in a burning bush or through so many other prophets that physically heard God’s booming voice. As humans we have no such luck.

At a children’s Mass recently our pastor said during his homily “You need to listen to God.” My 9 year old son leaned over and quietly whispered into my ear “Mom, I don’t know what God sounds like.” I responded, “It’s hard to hear His voice. Sometimes it sounds like the voice in your head that tells you what is the right thing to do. He speaks to you through your thoughts.” That was enough to satisfy his question.

God speaks to us in the quiet whisper of nature’s fog. God speaks to us through thoughts of goodness and pure love. God reveals himself daily in kind acts and good people. Yet, we are left wanting to see His face and hear His booming voice. Just remember there will come a day when we will see Him face to face and hear His voice. Until that day we need to face the fog, hold on to our faith and be cautious where we step but always keep trusting that God is there with us in the darkness, the light and the fog.

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