We Are Not Fish, April 20, Daily Reflection

Fish in the fish tank

As humans we can all relate to feeling like that fish in the fish tank, swimming aimlessly in circles with no way out and not even noticing there is no way out.  How many mindless days have we had, this week?  We drive to work on auto pilot; half the time when we arrive we wonder how we got there. Then we do our work mindlessly, same old, same old, same old workload. We return home running the same errands as the week before, picking up our kids from school, doing homework, going to sports practices, trying to find dinner, shower and then exhausted we fall into our beds only to wake up to have another mindless day!

 Shatter the glass of the fishbowl my friends. It’s time to crack it open and let the water pour out. Change one thing each day and the mindlessness you no longer feel, because you are numb from it, will change! We just have to find the strength and courage to change something in our lives. Nothing major or drastic but change some little element of your day. When you wake up in the morning read a prayer or a few pages from your favorite book before you leave the house. After you drop the kids off at school turn off your radio and say a prayer, not a formal one just talk to God about your day for a moment. Meet your spouse or a friend on your lunch break. When you pick up your kids from school surprise them by going to the park for 30 minutes to play. When you do homework together make it fun, don’t answer the phone, don’t text or answer email, and don’t do anything but homework with that child. When you go to practice drive a different route.  When you come home take a bath instead of a shower.  Before you go to bed try to read a chapter of a good book. 

 Don’t do all these changes in the same day. Try one change a day for a week and break out of the endless cycle of mindless living and see if you feel freed from the fish bowl.  WE ARE NOT FISH PEOPLE! WE ARE PEOPLE LET’S START LIVING INSTEAD OF JUST EXISTING TODAY!


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