Wake UP! September 25, 2012 Daily Reflection

Alarm Clock

We would rather stay in bed and wake up when our body naturally wakes us. We would prefer not to have an annoying alarm clock stop our hearts for a few moments in the dead of the morning. That alarm startles us and beacons us to our day. We must get out of our warm and cozy beds and start our day. It seems the majority of us need a jolt of caffeine each morning as we try to become conscious enough to get ready. Some of us have energy without it. Either way we would both prefer to stay warm and cozy in our beds.

We have to get ourselves ready and our kids off to school. Then we go to work. Why can’t they call it something else like enjoyment, passion or a place filled with ideas and teamwork? We have generalized the place to be called work because it is work. Our thoughts are already filled with a bit of disdain even if we like our jobs because we are not enjoying the beautiful sunrise or the warm sunny day they are talking about on the radio. Instead we will be inside taking care of business. We often forget that “work” provides for our children, shelter, food, education, enjoyment and our lives.

We should wake up and greet the day each and every morning. We should thank God that we were able to wake up at all and have the gift of this day. We should thank God for our children and the blessing of having a job in this economy. Today, take a moment to think about all of your blessings. Then attempt to do your job with a happy heart because God has provided you with the ability to not only do your job but also to have one.

Have a happy and grateful work day!

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