The Waiting is the Hardest Part, December 11, 2016 Sunday Tidbit

Open hands

Open hands

When I was engaged to my husband I listened to Tom Petty quite often. Our favorite song was “The waiting is the hardest part”, we knew we had to wait to be married to start our lives together. We were so anxious to be married and to not say good night and go our separate ways ever again. When we got married for the first year I must have stared at my wedding ring daily with a silly smile, so pleased that the waiting was over.

Advent is a time of waiting, knowing we will be closer to Christ in the end. Knowing that we will never have to say good bye and go our separate way from Jesus Christ ever again. Advent is the time to make real room in our lives for Jesus. Did you notice how significant it is that there is “no room in the inn” throughout the nativity story? It’s because so many of us do not make room for Jesus Christ. Advent is the time to clean out the sin, materialism, and greed from our lives so there will be room in our hearts for Jesus Christ.

We have another week of soul searching. It’s difficult to do this during the most materialistic time of our culture’s year, but perhaps that is just a challenge. How will you handle the challenge? Pray more, read scriptures, do service, reflect on your relationship with Jesus Christ.

The waiting is the hardest part. Make it the most productive part.

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