Spirituality, August 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Open Hands

I believe that Holistic Spirituality encompasses every moment of our lives, every aspect of our existence, every thought, every word, and every action, religious or not. God created us body and soul united not divisible in this life. He granted us life, a human life with his own breath and within this life our body and soul seamlessly knitted together.

Once sought out, understood, accepted and lived, Christian and Holistic Spirituality give birth to ministry. Quite often however the opposite course of action occurs. People “volunteer” their time because they feel it is obligatory, or the right thing to do. They are tending to the needs of others without an awareness of their own spirituality. Over the course of this outreach people glimpse a partial depiction of spirituality. They begin to feel the presence of Christ, the movement of the Holy Spirit, and the kindness of one’s own creator. Then begins the end of “volunteering” and the onset of ministry.

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