Visions for the future, January 12, 2017 Daily Reflection

20160504_191339God granted me with a creative nature, as such I enjoy imagining the future and challenging myself with new ideas and quests. It seems that the more we look to the future with a positive attitude the more we hope. Living in the present moment should never be demeaned, we should live each moment to it’s fullest potential and be very intentional with our time. However, looking to the future with an imaginative mind is good for the soul. I am not referring to the idea “when I have that or am that then I will be happy”. It is about wanting to live your own life to your fullest potential. Looking towards the future with hope you can make this world better for others.

Those leaders who have that creative vision and know God well enough to be good to others are sought out by others.Our visions for the future bring us hope and in turn bring those around us encouragement and energy to look forward. Do you have any visions for the future in your own life? How do they make you feel?


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