Upside down cake, August 30, 2012 Daily Reflection

Beautiful Cake that placed 2nd at the Ky State Fair

My family loves to attend the Kentucky State Fair each year. They love to eat things I do not normally let them eat like foot long corn dogs, fried Kool-Aid, elephant ears, slushies and huge ice cream cones. One of our favorite exhibits to visit is the cake entries. We love looking at those cakes.  This particular cake really struck me. Spencer said “Mommy, I found an upside down cake, for real!” It amazed me that someone could make this work but what was more dumbfounding to me was that someone thought of this idea.

How many days do we feel like our lives are upside down? We feel the pressure at the bottom of all the mounting icing and weight upon our shoulders. We should be on top of our lives but instead we feel trapped beneath the layer upon layer of stressors in our lives. The question is how do we flip it right side up? We should be at the top in control of the insanity, right?

It’s the year 2012 and we have more on our plates than we can ever handle alone. The best solution I have found is prayer. Be as organized as you possibly can. Say no to people if you do not have the time to commit to another thing. Prioritize your life so the things that matter the least are not even on your cake plate. But above all pray. Pray first, pray often, pray sincerely. As I tell my children daily “God loves to listen to your voice. So simply talk to Him.” Give God your stress. Tell God what is driving you crazy. Talk to God about the insanity and let Him help and guide you.

If you ever want to flip that cake right side up and discover some new found relief you can by simply praying! Try it today.

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