Unending Change, January 4, 2017 Daily Reflection

20160427_212401As mundane as our lives can appear to be there is an underlying unending change within them. From the time of our conception change occurs within our physical bodies until the time we die, at which time there is another physical change. Regardless, of how much you love your life and how it is at this very moment it is changing because change is inevitable. There are major changes of growth both physical, and, those more subtle, like spiritual growth. God did not create us to be stagnant constant beings. God created us to grow as people, to learn to love selflessly, to be all that we can be for God, and others.

Change is difficult; our children growing up and leaving, loved ones passing on, careers ending and growing older. If we perceive change with a positive outlook we can consider it to be exciting, invigorating, and a way to constantly learn and grow. Our perspective appears to be our reality. What lens do you look at change from? Change your attitude and your life will change.

The sooner one learns to accept, and adapt to change the quicker one becomes able to live life to the fullest.

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