Twists and Turns, September 17, 2015 Daily Reflection

2015 TrailsTwists and turns occur in the journey of our lives. We climb the uphills and descend the downhills. Then there are the long, flat, boring paths.

The best way to deal with the twists and turns is to have a center of gravity. We need to focus and have a center in ours lives. When we are going up the hills of life we need endurance to make it. We need to practice on the smaller hills so we will have the confidence that we can make it up the big hills. When we are making our way down the hill we need to have balance and not trip or fall. Although those types of trails seem like the most difficult obstacles in our lives, many times the long, flat, boring, mundane path is the most challenging. It is the trail that seems never ending and tedious. It is then that we need hope that there will be a change, an outcome, and a wonderful ending.

In my life my center, my focus is God. I practice my faith through my everyday prayers and commitment to God and when the hills are more than I can take it makes it easier to hand it over to God. My balance is supported by God who gives me the strength to try to balance my faith, my family, and my work. My life is constantly changing so I rarely experience a boring, flat, road however, I have hope for my future because I know that God will care for me.

What is your center? How do you practice for the hill? Do you attempt to maintain a balance? How do you handle that long road?

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