Twilight, January 12, 2016 Daily Reflection



Twilight is the soft glow of the sky after the sun has set below the horizon, the time when the streetlights begin to twinkle and adjust to the fading light of the sky. It is a moment to reflect on the happenings of the day and to lay them to rest. It is a rekindling of hope for a new day to come. A purposeful pause to nod your head to God in appreciation.

The natural cycle of sunrise to sunset is a gift; sometimes cursed, other times adored, sometimes abused, and other times embraced. Our treatment of our time is dictated by our moods usually generated by our environments, choices, circumstances or abilities to perform our duties successfully or not. A sunrise to a person who is in chronic pain may be a reminder of another hour of misery. A sunrise to a new mom is a blessing that the long night is over and nap time may be near. A sunset to a couple in love is romantic and lovely. A sunset to a husband whose wife is dying of cancer is one less day with her alive. It is all, as my students like to say, “situational”.

We should each attempt to embrace the cycle, and the twilight each day of our life, no matter the situation. They are gifts freely given to us to experience every day of our lives.

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