Trust, Faith, Belief, October 1, 2012 Daily Reflection

The trust of a child

How will I ever know if this is the path I should be taking right now in my life?


When I say those prayers and I talk to God about my most private hopes, dreams and fears how do I know He is really there listening?


When I take action completely opposite of my culture but with the intent of loving others unconditionally how do I know it really is good?


When we have trust, faith and belief like that of a child God will know it.

Where are you right now? Do you simply trust? Do you have faith in God? Do you believe in loving unconditionally? Our lifetime can span 65-100 years. That is a long time to get this right. But never forget that is short compared to eternity which is forever. I want to spend my eternity in God’s arms. So in this life time I will continue to strive to Trust God’s guidance, have Faith that God is with me and believe that I will love unconditionally if I keep on trying.

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