Traditional, November 21, 2013 Daily Reflection


Jesus the rebel

Jesus the rebel

I told someone today that I am not a very traditional person. She responded “Well, you choose a very traditional religion.” She is right Catholicism is very traditional. The Church holds tradition very sacred, which brings me so much comfort.

However, the Church is also filled with rebels! Jesus was the biggest rebel of them all. He came to this world and flipped it upside down. Instead of kissing the butts of the wealthy and highest authority, he kissed the lepers clean, he befriended prostitutes and tax collectors.

My students say they don’t want to be like everyone else. What they don’t realize is that being Catholic is not like our society. The views of the Catholic Church are counter cultural. The Church believes in a culture of life from conception until a natural death. The Church believes in respecting the human dignity in all people from the criminals to the outcasts. The Church supports and helps the outcast and the poor through their vast number of hospitals, schools, soup kitchens and programs for so many who need the love of Christ. At its core the Church is just a reflection of Jesus Christ, a rebel who came to reconcile sinners to God.

I am traditional in my views of loving God and my family first. My prayer life and ideas are far from traditional but at their core there is a rebel who will follow Christ where ever He may lead.


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