Today’s Homework, March 23, 2016 Daily Reflection

Spencer's Homework

Spencer’s Homework

Today’s homework is different from when we were children. It is a combination of different technology. More and more children’s backpacks are becoming lighter in weight. It’s because private schools are transitioning to IPads, and laptop computers. The public school system cannot go that way because not all families have access to internet.

My students in high school have mixed feelings about using tablets instead of books, paper, and pencils. Some students enjoy using the internet and having the answers at their fingertips of their next Google search. Others would like to hold a book with pages in their hands again. This generation is very accustom to technology, their phones are like an extension of their hands. They are constantly texting others. When it comes to learning it is different.

I enjoy a combination of using the old technology of pencils and notebooks with the new age of computers and search engines. I think it is like anything else in life moderation in all things. We take the best of each world but don’t delete either world all together. As a teacher my students start the class by writing a journal on their tablet, then praying together as a class, taking notes, watching video clips, and then getting in groups to discuss and show me what they learned with skits, actions, and motions. Combinations of all technology is the best technology.

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