Time to get back to ordinary life, April 13, 2015 Daily Reflection

Putting together our care packages for those in need

Putting together our care packages for those in need

Ahhh…Spring Break was relaxing. We had a staycation here in LA (Louisville Area). I had plans to run everyday and then i was attacked by a virus, I lost my voice for four days and did not feel so great. I also took 3 full days to finish writing my 15 page paper on my working understanding of salvation. I did take my kids to ride some go karts and we splurged and went out to eat twice. We stayed up late and they slept in every day. It was not like the relaxation that we experienced last Spring Break in Florida but it was still a break from ordinary time.

Now, it is time to get back to ordinary life again. Back to school, teaching, learning, sports practices, and soccer games. It is time to put the hammer down on my seniors who will be graduating in 6 weeks and will not want to do any work at all. It’s time to get back to ordinary but busy life again. Although it’s going to be a crazy 6 weeks until summertime I am good with it. Because in 6 weeks I get to be with my children full time again for the summer.

There is much to be said for ordinary life but it is important to have that time to break from the ordinary every once in a while. If you are getting back to ordinary life today say a prayer of thanksgiving for the break and a prayer for guidance for the ordinary times of our lives.

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