Time to Savor, July 21, 2017 Daily Reflection

My Boys and Friends at Kentucky Kingdom

I am in the final count down stage of summertime. As a teacher this is the time when I realize I have to go back to working 50 plus hours during the week and as long as it takes on the weekends planning, reading, and grading. This is the time for teachers to relax and savor the last days of summertime before we have to get motivated to go back to school. I truly enjoy teaching, getting to know a new class of students and participating in learning together with them. Today, and for the next two weeks I am going to go to the pool and Kentucky Kingdom with my children. I finished writing my paper for the History of Christian Spirituality and I have a three week break before I started reading for my final course work for my Master’s Degree. So I am going to read a few good books for leisure and savor the moments I have left to enjoy my children and to not have deadlines hanging over my head.

We each need to savor our leisure time and truly relax in those moments.

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