Time moves on, May 6, 2013 Daily Reflection

My Anna 5 years ago on the ski slope

How quickly the hands of time do move. The time it slips so very quickly… As we bring them home from the hospital and change hundreds of diapers, feed them and help them learn to sleep. They tug on our hearts and step on our toes when they are itty bitty.

Then as they grow they move walk, run, play and develop a personality all of their own and we fall in love with them once more for who they are.

The time keeps slipping away and although the aggravation and frustration makes minutes feel like hours in the throes of home work and fights about bedtime really time is still the same.

As they become teenagers and stay in their rooms for hours on end and we wonder where did they disappear? The time continues to march on… as we look to the pictures of the past and feel the pangs of sadness, not from regret but a certain loss for what once was there has grown and changed again.

How quickly the time moves as parents watching our children grow. Hold them today, kiss them while you may for time has no agenda and the future will wait for no one. Love them in each and every  moment.


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