Threshold of the afterlife, September 29 Daily Reflection

A statue in the cemetery

Weathered, peeling, aged by time, still, steady, strong and stone she stands. Her eyes cast downward, at a height that makes her appear to be watching over the surrounding graves.  With a solemn stillness that brings peace to my movement I paused unable to go any further. Staring at her features unable to look away she calmed me and my heart sighed. Standing tall surrounded by other monuments I peered into her closed eyes and felt the security that she brought to this site, this place of silence yet filled with unending stories.

Walking there on such sacred ground my heart was heavy yet serene. Bodies lie beneath that ground but their souls have gone beyond this grave yard to another place. It’s as though the cemetery is that transitional place between this world and the next. Visiting such a place causes one to ponder life and the hereafter. One must grapple with the ideas of how their life is being lived and come to terms with this place being an end to that life. Oh, but the thought of the sweet serenity of heaven lifts my soul to better places and a smile passes over my lips.

There is good reason to visit this place. It is important in this life to consider death, the transition and the afterlife. It is good to question and think about it all. What better place to ponder life and death than at the threshold of the afterlife?

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