There It Is! May 17, 2018 Daily Reflection

Office Wall

There is a beauty that is palpable when I am open to the Holy Spirit moving through my mind and soul. Yesterday, I was able to meditate before I started creating new ideas for retreats at Sacred Heart. I could feel a physical presence pull me into a flow of constant creativity. Out poured thoughts, ideas, drawings, words, missions, activities, agendas and creativity. I was so excited that I found some blank printer paper and sketched ideas, wrote on the computer, took in all of the visuals of my office and just felt overjoyed to be in that time having that experience.

There is nothing like allowing creativity to flow through me. It’s as if a portion of my soul has released this energy and emotion throughout my entire being. I had to get up from my desk at one point and walk around my small office. I was talking to myself and God and then I turned and noticed my wall. When I hung up the pictures I just tried to make due with the nails that were already there. I just fit what I had into the area. Standing there in that moment of creativity I looked through a different lens and noticed That’s It! The beauty of love and faith taught as a baby, the adventure and mission of childhood to be fisher’s of others, the experience at every place I have ever worked, the result of all of us being Christ in the world around us is all centered in God, Jesus Christ in the Center.

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