The Winter, December 31, 2011 Saturday Tidbit

Spring Flowers

The flowers have faded and been cut down. The bulbs are deep in the soil.   They have had their taste of the sunlight and must now lie in waiting until the next spring. We have had our fun, our family and our celebration of the holiday season and out before us stretches the long winter; the times of dreary dreaded cold temperatures and cloudy days with not a holiday in sight. We wish sometimes we could safely stay inside that nurturing soil until the spring arrives with the bright sun and chirping birds.

However, we are human and we cannot hide beneath the soil of our lives. So hunker down and know the spring will come as it has every year before this and while you are waiting try to grow. Take this time that can make you droopy and sad and purposefully make it bright and cheery. Take those dreary days and grow; play a game with your child, read a good book, go on a date with your spouse, take a new class to learn something different. This winter don’t settle in for the dreary doldrums, instead make it a winter that you took advantage of the time to grow into the spring that will eventually reveal its beauty and splendor once more.

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