The Two Great Choices, January 1 Daily Reflection


Can you breathe in the beauty and peace of this picture?

Can you breathe in the beauty and peace of this picture?

Breathe in your life and exhale your joy!

We have two great choices in life and we choose between them yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and moment by moment whether we do it consciously or not we make the choice.  The choices are:

To let life happen to us and react without thought


To embrace life and decide consciously how to respond to it.

We do it when we wake up and that alarm clock goes off. We can hit the snooze button and sleep 8 more minutes, over and over again and then rush through getting ready for work, school and life frantically because we preferred to sleep through as much as we could get away with.  Or we can get out of bed when that alarm clock goes off that we set for ourselves the night before. Then we will have the time to get ready without rushing frantically because that sets the tone for our entire day.  We can embrace the morning, take hold of it and use it to settle ourselves and ready ourselves for the day or we can let it happen to us and work against it.

We do it when we interact with others on a daily basis.  We cannot control what others will say, do or think but we can consciously decide how we will react to others by slowing down when life happens.  Instead of saying the first thought that jumps into our heads, or emailing that seething reaction we can stop ourselves when we have unkind reactions and censor and monitor our behavior.  All we have to do is commit ourselves to thinking things over before opening our mouths that is a very difficult task for me personally. 

 We can embrace life and listen to what others say and give it thought and consciously decide what to do with that information. We can do it as mature adults. We should have enough self control or self discipline to do it. We do it with our bosses right?  Well if we don’t we can learn that skill, truly we can it will just take time and lots of effort.  Or we can let life happen and let whatever we think come straight out without censoring it and then we will have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

We have choices in every moment of everyday. 

 So what will you choose this year? 

 To let life happen to you


 Will you embrace life?

Will you breathe in life and exhale the joy?

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