The Tunnel, April 23 Daily Reflection

A one lane tunnel at Red River Gorge

“It’s a one lane tunnel, right Dad?” Ethan, my 11 year old, asked.

“Yes” Dad replied.

“How do you know if someone is already coming through from the other direction?  Do you have to go in the tunnel to find out?” inquired Ethan.

“You have to go to the edge and look for headlights before you go in and you have to do it slowly, in case you have to back out” answered Dad.

Who among us cautiously and slowly drives to the opening of a tunnel and waits looking and listening for another car coming through?  Who among us just decides it’s our turn and goes a little more quickly, confident that if there is another car they will back out of the tunnel?  Who among us sees the tunnel, turns the car around and looks for a different route all together?

God made each one of us very different from the next for a reason. It is our journey in life to find that reason. Every day we have different tunnels we will approach and it is completely up to us how we will handle that situation. Will you handle it with consideration for the person in the car on the other side? Will you only think of yourself and plow straight through it? Will you wait, listen, watch and try to learn from the situation at hand?

The choice is yours.

Today be conscious of how you choose.


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