The Torch, July 16, 2013 Daily Moment

Spencer with the Papa John’s Olympic Torch

We went on a field trip to Papa John’s Head Quarters. We were able to see the huge machine that produces the dough balls. It was so cool! But we were really intrigued by the history of the business and my children loved the Olympic torch the best. Apparently the creator of Papa John’s was given the special honor of carrying an Olympic torch through Louisville. The torch is hanging on the wall. You see the flame is the part that is transferred from person to person not the torch. Each person gets to keep their torch and just carries and shares the flame.

We are each like that torch. We are individuals carrying the flame from one person to the next in this life time. Some of us run like the wind with it, others show it to the world and some try to hide it under the dark of night. We have been given the flame of the Holy Spirit in our lives. How do you hold it and pass it on to others in your life?

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