The Swing of life, June 11, 2012 Daily Reflection

My son on a playground swing

My children were playing on the swings at a local playground. “Anna will you please push me? Swing me higher, higher” Spencer yelled to his sister. Spencer held onto the chains so he would not fall off. Anna held the chains and guided him back and forth to give him more speed so she could eventually let go and he could swing high on his own.

We hold on to the chains of our swings and sometimes swing alone. We pump our legs and move that swing throughout our lives. We are capable of swinging alone. However when we request help from God and He puts His mighty hands upon our swings, guides us back and forth and then let’s go when we have the speed our motion is unstoppable.

God wants for us to ask. God wants to guide us, teach us, push us and let us go. So we can soar through this life until one day we meet him face to face in the next one.

Today, think about who is propelling the swing of your life. Are you doing it alone or are you asking for a gentle push from God? It just depends on how high you want to go if you will choose to ask or not.

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