The Slide, October 16 Daily Reflection

Jake at the top of the slide and Tricia getting off at the bottom

Jake at the top of the slide and Tricia getting off at the bottom

“Me first, Me FIRST!” Slamming his little shoes up the plastic playset half out of breath, Jake yelled to Tricia.  Too late Tricia was already on her way down the curved slide.  Down and about to run to the steps carefully holding the railing as she would go back to the top again.  Over and over again running breathelessly, climbing determined, down the slide pure fun in the slide itself, landing safely on the ground… REPEAT.

Jake is at the top of the slide anxious to have fun to take that ride with the wind in his hair, the feeling of weightlessness and speed all intertwined into one word FUN.  Tricia is at the bottom feet almost touching the ground safe and happy that she experienced the fun. 

As moms we are all at different stages of raising our children.  Some are at the top of the slide pregnant with a first baby contemplating, questioning every move they will ever make.  Sending your first child off to school for the first time.  Wondering if you are doing it right.

Some of you are on the slide feeling out of control?  Do you have a toddler that controls every move you make or a teenager who is unpredictable and you are in unchartered territories with sudden curves you can’t handle? 

 Or are you at the bottom of the slide?  Have you sent your teen off to college? Is your child of 25 on their own in this world with a real job and an apartment?  Does it feel like solid ground? Or are you just wishing you could get back to the top and do it all over again?  This time slide in slow motion so you don’t miss a single curve in the slide.  

As moms we are all connected because we have been at the top and we will all one day be at the bottom.  As moms we need to always offer each other support because it is a quick and curvy ride and no one should do it alone.  As moms we need to offer at least a smile, kindness and words of wisdom when asked.

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Matthew 22:39

God wants us to help each other. It is easy to love the ones who love you and whom you love.  God wants us to love everyone.  God wants us to give of our selves to others.

Today when you see a mom at the grocery store with a toddler melting down, or a mom staring at the pants falling off of thier teen because that is the cool way to dress, smile at her and say a prayer for her.  It’s that easy to support and love those you don’t even know. They will feel your support.  If the opportunity presents itself do more to help. Just offering makes a mom feel no longer alone in this life. 

 Whether you are at the top of the slide ready for the fun, in the middle of the slide out of control, or at the bottom with all the experience, your support will help another mom who has been in the same place or will be soon.  Just smile, say a prayer and love them it’s just that easy. Because you never know where they are; at the top, on the slide or at the bottom it doesn’t really matter though we all need the support.

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