The Secret Path, June 11 Daily Reflection

A secret path

A few days ago we, my kids and I, decided to take a different path back to the house, while walking home from school. We came across this opening in a backyard fence that revealed stepping stones beneath a shade tree it was a bit intriguing of course we could not explore it because it lead to someone’s private backyard.

It’s fun to discover new paths, secret walk ways, places we have yet to explore. Every time we go on camping trips (which is rare) we have to take a long explore to find hidden treasure troves of undisturbed nature. It’s so fun and freeing to think like a child all the world is new, fresh, exciting and full of possibility. So what is it as an adult that makes the mysterious secret path jusst stepping stones into someone’s backyard? Do we know too much? Have we lost the innocent ignorance? Have we become so practical and realistic that we no longer see the excitement in mysterious walk ways? Have we becoming boring grownups?

We don’t have to be boring grownups! One of the joys of parenting is that God allows us to live out glimpses of our childhood from the eyes of our children. We are here to keep them safe, teach them and love them. We are also here to learn from them, to see the precious gifts of God through their innocent eyes and to be loved by them as well. We are more mature and knowledgeable but they are more eager and in love with life. Let’s feed off of one another in this journey. Let our children be the guide that we need to keep us in awe of God’s amazing world. God bestowed upon us the miracle of a child instead of just raising that child allow that child to teach us in the purest light of God’s love for each other and the mysteries of this life.

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