The roller skating rink, February 7 Daily Reflection

Skate Rink

Right there in the overcrowded roller skating rink, with the music pumping and the bass bumping, kids skating with glow sticks hanging around their necks all jacked up on chocolate cake and the birthday parties, right there in the midst of the chaos I heard it. I heard her speak the words loudly so that I could hear “Yeah, it all makes sense now. I never understood why I went through the things I went through but now I understand. It was to bring me to this point. It is a blessing and I know this is what I should be doing.”

I ran into a friend I had not seen in years. Our kids went to the same party one Saturday afternoon and we chatted like friends do about being moms, and our jobs. Then she said something that touched my soul so profoundly. She works with Hospice and aids the families of those who are dying. She is not afraid to have “that talk” with the families, you know the one about death. I saw it in her eyes and heard it over the pounding music and the screams from the kids having fun, she answered her calling from God and she looked so at peace with following His Will.

Few people like to say “Yes, I am following God’s will, I am doing what He has called me to do.” Is it because we are humble or because we don’t realized it is God’s will or we are just embarrassed to say such a thing? Can we truly say that out loud? We don’t need to tell the world that we are doing as God asks us to we just need to live it. In that moment, that conversation I couldn’t help but say “You have been called and I am so happy to see that you have embraced it.” It was not complicated or elaborate, it was just simply a small acknowledgement of her choice and as a friend I felt compelled to point it out.

If we just listen to one another above the noise of the music and our everyday lives we will hear it. If we just hold still and look into someone else’s eyes for enough time to understand we will see it. If we just choose to be there in the moment we will witness it. Right there in an overcrowded roller skating rink you can hear it people are following God’s Will.

“Be Still and Know that I am God”

Psalm 46:10


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