The Picture, February 18 Daily Reflection

The waves crashing up against the rocks

Nothing compares to witnessing the mighty roar of the waves crashing upon the rocks in the ocean, the spray flying every direction, it is a moment in time I savor. When I first discovered the rocks I was taken back to a time in college before my husband and I were married we went with group of  friends to Sunset beach Fl. It was an incredible adventure, such a memorable trip I treasure often. One of the highlights was watching the sunset from rocks similar to the ones above. My husband took a picture very similar to the one above with the sunsetting and the waves crashing simultaneously, he did not have a digital camera, just a regular camera 15 years ago but he caught it the spray, the sunset and the emotion of the moment in the single click of the camera, as if by magic he achieved it in a single shot. He had the picture blown up to 16 x 20 and framed as a gift for me. It now hangs in my office.

Well, when I saw the opportunity to take the same picture I thought how hard can it  be, he did it 15 years ago with an old camera, mine is a digital on my phone with the latest technology. I stood there taking picture after picture after picture until at last I did get a descent shot of it. It’s as though some things, some times in life cannot be recreated, they can be relived through our memories and should be talked about and remembered but they cannot be recreated.

In your life what do you try to recreate? As women I think we love to remember the good old days, when our husbands courted us and were infatuated with us. We like to remember how good we looked way back when and we are trying to fit back into our “skinny jeans” we had before the babies were born. We are trying so hard to go back in time that we are missing the wonderful moments in the here and now. Was it awesome when we were dating, definitely but now we don’t have to worry about our insecurities and doubts about if he will want me forever. We no longer have to say everything the right way and worry that what we did may have turned him off. We need to savor the feeling of being loved for a lifetime, knowing now he is your best friend forever, that no matter what you say he truly loves you for you! We should stop worry so much about those “skinny jeans”. Of course it is best to be healthy and exercise and not be overweight but we need to be realistic, 10 years after the babies should our bodies really fit into those jeans or is it time to be happy with a new healthy size?

We need to stop trying to recreate the past and instead embrace the present. The past was wonderful but being so far away from it makes it difficult now to see the flaws and insecurities of it so it looks perfect. The present is where we need to live, growing, maturing and living our lives now with our husbands, our children and a love for who we are right now, weight, mind, body & soul.

So stop trying to take that perfect photo of the waves crashing upon the rocks, put down the camera hold on to your husband and child and just enjoy the moment for all too soon the present will be a memory!


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