The perfect stone, July 13 Daily Reflection

Selecting a stone

  Searching for that stone, the smooth, round, flat one that will skip at least 3 times across the river, that’s what his little hands are searching for that perfect stone to skip.

 Are your hands and eyes searching for that stone the one that will give you such satisfaction as you see it skip across the river of your life? Or have you given up the search satisfied with living by the river and drinking in its beauty? Is life about the search or the contentment when you feel the search is over? If you are satisfied and content the world is waiting to hear how many stones you discovered, how you found just the right one, how you tossed your stone to make it skip and how it feels to be on the other side of the search.

 How many stones have you picked up in your life hoping that would be the one only to watch it sink into the river along with another dream you thought would work? How many stones looked just perfect from a distance but once in the palm of your hand felt wrong, jagged and rough and you dropped it as soon as you picked it up? How many times have you given up the search, walked across the stones with a heavy heart and tried to stopping looking all together?

 We have been selecting stones since the beginning of our lives. As babies we cry to be fed, clothed, cared for and loved, we trust that someone else will turn over those stones. As children we throw stones at each other and constantly duck hoping that no one will hit us with their stones. As adults we search for a mate, career, love, family, security, faith and God.  We get lost looking down so much at the stones that many times we neglect to see that the stone is constantly skipping across the river of our lives. We tossed those stones years ago and have all we ever needed yet, for some reason we are not content and so the search continues.

 Pause today and reflect on the stones you have selected in your search over your lifetime. Did you find love, family, faith and God? Should you be searching or just content that you can now enjoy your life? Are you looking in the distance or are you standing upon the most perfect stones and never recognized that they have been under your feet all this time?

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