The Path, August 21 Daily Reflection

My nephews and son fixing a automatic four wheel toddler car.

My nephews and son fixing a battery operated four wheel toddler car.

Determination- firmness of purpose – states the American Heritage Dictionary.  Earlier this week my sister, myself and our little entourage of kids we babysit, 12 of them, went to Granpa’s backyard to play.  He has lots of fun toys and play equipment for all his grandchildren.  Apparently one of the battery operated cars that the little kids love to drive around the backyard was not working.  So my nephews and son decided to take it apart and figure out why.  I am not at all mechanically inclined so I would have just said let’s play with something else.  But not Trevor and Ethan they love to take things apart and create new inventions that actually work.  They worked on that car for at least 40 minutes until they figured out that a wire was disconnected then they tried to fix it, only for it to come off again.  Again they worked to repair the problem.  I look at them and think with determination like that they will definitely pursue and achieve what they set their smart little brains to.

So are you like me if you can’t fix something you use a different tool or find a different route?  Or are you like them you just work and work and work on the problem until you have figured out the cause and fix it?  It’s funny how different each of us are from each other.  It doesn’t make any of us better than the other person just different.

My Dad has this great theory that we are all in a big circle together, the entire human race, and we are all searching for the center point (God) but we are coming from so many different directions that it seems we shine our headlights in the others eyes as we try to find that point.  As he says we are all looking for God, wether you call him a higher being, budda or the center of other religions, we are looking for God.  We just come from different directions, ie different religions and different ways of life.  Of course each of us think that our way must be the best way, well of course we do we choose that way.  But is it the only way?  How can there be only one way to the center of us all?  He believes and has taught me to believe that to be a child of God you must accept all different views and paths to Him, that’s what God does.  Do you really think God would turn anyone away because of the path they take to find him?  God is always there waiting for us to seek Him out, I don’t believe he would turn anyone away that seeks Him.

So I guess the question is not what path are you on or how are you seeking God in your everyday life.  The question is really are you looking for a path at all?  We all do it differently and God made us totally unique like that but I truly believes He wants all that He has created to have a relationship with Him.  It doesn’t matter if you have never looked for that path before or have strayed from it on purpose an entire lifetime He is waiting in the center of Your Life for you to seek Him out.

Wisdom 6: 12 – 14

Resplendent and unfading is wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her.She hastens to make herself known in anticipation of their desire;whoever watches for her at dawn shall not be disappointed, for he shall find her sitting by his gate.

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