The Parachute, April 25 Sunday Tidbit

My Dogwood Tree

That is my beautiful blossomed dogwood tree, white and fragrant pleasing to the eyes and to the right hand corner if you look closely you will see a toy parachute pink and yellow hanging from a branch! We have not been able to get it out yet and so it dangles there from my beautiful tree. Each time I look at the tree I fixate on how I want to get that toy off of my beautiful tree. The blooms are starting to fall from the tree and the leaves are taking its place and all I can do is think about that darn parachute.

Such is the life of a human we fixate on what is wrong in our lives, what we have done wrong our sins and we cannot see the beauty God has created all around us. We focus so much on our wrong doings we miss all that God offers us.

Today I will no longer see that parachute in the tree because I realize these things happen. I will forgive the child that threw it up there and I will see the beauty of the tree.

Today look at your wrong doings tell God then ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself. Then you can see the beauty in His Unconditional Love and smell the fragrance of His sweet creation of which YOU are one!


  1. Roza Brkušić

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