The Original, October 17, 2011 Daily Reflection

Spencer on the sea shore

He is completely an original creation. He may look like his little brother and have the humor of his Uncle Jimmy. He may have the math smarts of his grandpa and the speed in running of his father. He may have the gentle hugs of his mom but he is totally original. Never in the past, not today and never in the future will there ever be another Spencer who thinks, talks, laughs, acts and loves like my Spencer. He is an original.

You are an original! God created each one of us for a purpose specific to our life in our time. God bestowed upon us such unbelievable gifts and characteristics to share with the world. Gifts that God wants us to embrace and utilize for the good of all His people. YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL! Today, accept that fact and live your life knowing only you can bring your originality to this world at this time.

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