The Moments January 28 Daily Reflection

Me & Jake Snuggling

Me & Jake Snuggling

Can you see it in my eyes? Can you see the look of pure contentment while snuggling my baby boy, my four year old. It is a moment in time that will never be lost forever. It is a feeling that I hope to always be able to access when he has grown up.

Do you ever do that, say to yourself “Please don’t forget this moment, God please let me remember this for the rest of my life. I am complete let me hold it capture and keep it forever.” Don’t we all have those moments in life?

Moments like our first big thing at school as a child, homerun, A+ on a test, 1st dance recital, riding on our bike without the training wheels. Remember your 1st kiss or your first boyfriend? The first time you drove a car and felt comfortable behind the wheel. The moment you said your vows and heard your husband say them back to you. Do you remember the moment of the birth of each child? A moment when you truly felt the presence of God in your life. The moment you heard your children laugh together for the first time. Those moments make up our lifetime of joy and contentment.

We use those moments, we hold those moments and relive those moments to keep them alive. We will have more moments just as good in the future. When our children get married, when we hold that first grandbaby, when we love our spouses fully once more. We are so blessed that we have the ability to hold those moments in our memory.

They are so fleeting, the moments of our lives. Next time you have one savor it, don’t move just, feel it, drink it in, enjoy it and be completely a part of it for all too soon it will be a memory. Thank you God for all the moments you allow us to feel the contentment of being loved in this lifetime.


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